Airbrush tanning





Airbrush Tan Plan

$45 (Last 7 days)


We can guarantee your color lasting 7 days if you follow our insructions. To prevent that “orange look”, Use only pH adjusted prep products. We have these available at the salon for you to purchase for $3.00 before your scheduled session. If time doesn’t allow you to visit us before, you can always purchase 2 of our Exfoliator disposable towellete’s to prep with before you arrive for your airbrushed session.



Follow these steps:


 Exfolliate your skin first in the shower.


Shower off the exfoliator with a pH adjusted shampoo/body wash up to 24hrs before your air brushed session. Never use bar soap before your airbrushed session. Your skin must be free of any creams or products for the solution to develop and bloom into a beautiful soft toned tan.


If using deodorant, only apply in the center of under arm, do not get on the sides of your arm. It will block the absorption.


Wear loose fitting clothing so as not to restrict the product from drying evenly.


For a light color result –You may rinse with warm water and pat dry your skin gently, in 1 Hour.


For stronger color result wait 2 hours. For the darkest result, rinse in the shower by the next morning.


The water will look brownish as you rinse. The product has already deposited into your skin and will continue to develop in the next 24 hours.


Keep your skin moisturized every day to prevent natural exfoliation from occurring. We suggest using our Prolong Color Extender Aftercare Moisturizer. This will prolong your tanned appearance for up to 7 days. We also carry an amazing Herbal Body Moisturizer that smells great along with hydrating your skin.